Young Black Gifted

Young Black Gifted is a fast growing brand that was founded by Rethabile Raleboea from house number 8 in 2015. Rethabile is a young passionate gentleman who was brought up at SOS Children’s Villages Lesotho. He firstly developed an idea of branding way back in 2015 while he was a high school student at ST. Stephens High School Mohale’s Hoek. He went on to study at National University of Lesotho where his brand found outshined well in the market. YBG brand specialize with clothing, key holders and gifts items. Rethabile partnered with his fellow brothers Mohau Halafu from house number 9, Seabata Seleso from house number 8, Liteboho Phosholi from house number 3 and Pitise Nkonyana from house number 10 and all of them are from SOS Children’s Villages Lesotho. In this beautiful clothing business each and every one of them have a role to play in order to grow the business.

Rethabile Raleboea is a Founder of YBG

Mohau Halafu is a Producer of YBG song

Seabata Seleso is a highlands Sales marketer

Liteboho Phosholi is a Director

Phitise Nkonyana is a Website designer

Mr. Mojajathi is a crew mentor

Ever since YGB began to operate, it has brought a great impact to the youth of Lesotho at large. YGB sponsored miss NUL 2020 with a very beautiful modeling outfit. This was a huge achievement because YBG products appealed to more people. YBG also display its products to the community gatherings.

The aim of this brand is to expand and sell its products abroad because it is legally registered with ministry of trade and LRA. Since the establishment of YBG, it has sold more than fifty thousand items such as T-shirts, Seaters, Track pants, Key holders and gifts items.

Behind all the success of this brand, there is a special mentor who was also a teacher of all the partners some years ago while they were in Hermann Gmeiner Primary School. Mr. Mojajathi stated that he saw the potential of all this man during their growth. He added that he plead with SOS National office to give support to its youth. He stated that if National director can order clothes from this gentleman, they will grow and feel motivated. He also made a promise that all youths who have ideas, he will ensure that their ideas are implemented and find a proper support.