Herbalife Project

A key aspect of any innovative culture is collaboration. Herbalife Nutrition Foundation aids SOS Children’s Villages Lesotho with a greenhouse to grow crops more convenient and affectively to their community. In order to produce throughout the year despite the conditions, they can still produce in severe heat and excessive rainfall.

Famers in the same neighborhood tend to produce the same kind of crop, in the same season, only to incur great losses as a result of oversupply. And how else can they avoid such a scenario if all of them they rely on rain fed, open field cultivation? The only sustainable solution to this problem is greenhouse farming. With a greenhouse once can grow whatever and however they want. Whether it rains or it doesn’t, whether it is too cold or too hot, it does not matter.

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation made that happen for SOS Children Villages Lesotho. They can grow vegetables during the drier months of the year when the demand is very high and the supply is low. At this time you can charge high as you wish for your produce. In a nutshell greenhouse farming gives you the power to create the necessary conditions that suit your choice of crops. However the whole idea behind greenhouse cultivation is creating a favorable environment for plant growth. This ensures that you can manipulate things such as temperature and relative humidity. Moreover this means crops will be protected from harsh conditions such as extremely high or low temperature, strong winds excessive rainfall and hail storms. That means crops will grow stronger and healthy.

Pig production in many African countries is scaling up from backyard to commercial enterprises, many are finding high feed costs are prohibiting their process. In Lesotho, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation has also donated SOS Children’s Villages with an exercise and fitness equipment for better health of the community. They use equipment to control appetite, boost mood and strengthen their immune system.